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American Academy of Dermatology Says Retinyl Palmitate Is Safe in Sunscreens

Dermatologists Weigh In on SPF Safety Issue

In the back-and-forth game of whether or not vitamin A derivatives (specifically, retinyl palmitate) are actually safe when used in SPF, the American Academy of Dermatologists (AAD) has now weighed in. "There is not published evidence to suggest that topical retinoids increase the risk of photocarcinogenesis," dermatologists Henry Lim, Steven Wang, and Stephen Duszain wrote in the Journal of the AAD.

The doctors claim that thanks to its antioxidant properties, retinyl palmitate used in SPF actually helps fight against the formation of free radicals when used on skin exposed to the sun. It's a much different opinion than the Environmental Working Group, who earlier this year claimed that vitamin A derivatives added to sunscreens could actually speed the development of tumors when used on skin exposed to the sun, based on studies from the National Toxicology Program and National Center for Toxicological Research. A month later, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer urged the FDA to make a definitive ruling on the issue. While the FDA has yet to chime in, we're hoping the issue is soon resolved for good.

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ahles ahles 6 years
Also, the spf face tint, and non-mineral sunblocks all have Vit A. Ex: Best I've found so far are Aveeno (all kinds of scary stuff in it :P) and colorescience powders (which have their own potential issues if you inhale 'em). Almost anything else turns me into a greasy mess, makes my skin burn a la allergic reaction, or breakout.
ahles ahles 6 years
Coola looks interesting, but I wouldn't have expected so many liquid silicons or nylon in something marked natural.
Lucysgottagrin Lucysgottagrin 6 years
I have not! Where could I pick some up?
FrankiLee FrankiLee 6 years
Lucys, have you heard of Coola sunscreen? (Not trying to promote anything, I swear!) They have a mineral face moisturizer/sunscreen that is quite natural and uses certified organic ingredients. It's not certified, but it does not contain vitamin A or it's derivatives. That's what I use. They have an unscented one, a cucumber matte one (I use that one since I'm quite oily) and they even have a tinted moisturizer!
Lucysgottagrin Lucysgottagrin 6 years
I really wish they would hurry up and release their results. I've actually cut my normal face sunscreen from my routine, in fear of it causing any damamge, and it's been hard to replace it; most sunscreens contain vitamin A.
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