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You'll Want to Steal AnnaSophia Robb's Retro Mascara Tip

Aug 9 2014 - 6:00am

Ever since we spotted AnnaSophia Robb in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory nearly 10 years ago, we knew she was destined for great things. Considering she followed that big part with starring roles in Bridge to Terabithia, The Carrie Diaries, and the much-anticipated Jack of the Red Hearts, we'd say our intuition is pretty good. But it's not only AnnaSophia's acting prowess that we noticed; it's also the 20-year-old's beauty style. With her shiny blond locks and her insanely long eyelashes, she's captured red carpet beauty in a way that few celebrities her age have. At the celebration of Mark Hill Salon Professional's one-year anniversary in the United States, we sat down with AnnaSophia and celebrity hairstylist Mark Hill to get the scoop on all things beauty.

POPSUGAR: Mark, what did you use on AnnaSophia's hair tonight?

Mark Hill: She has fine hair, but lots of it. I used Viva La Volume [1] ($11) to give her big hair that looks light and airy.

PS: AnnaSophia, how do you typically style your hair and what do you use?

AnnaSophia Robb: Well, usually I don't do anything to my hair, that's why it’s so healthy. Mark's MiracOILicious is a great product just for keeping the hair healthy. The conditioner [2] ($10) is really awesome, and then the texturizing polish [3] ($12) when it is styled, just to give it that extra grit.

PS: I notice that you always have the most amazing eyelashes. What's the mascara that you can't live without?

ASR: So naturally, I just have really long eyelashes. It's a problem because they make it look like I have bags where my lower lashes hit. But the type of mascara doesn’t really matter as much as how you put it on. Take a fan brush, and brush your mascara wand with it, then coat your lashes from the base to the tip, so you're painting your eyelashes. Then paint your lower ones. They don't clump, and they're all individually coated.

PS: Who's your favorite character that you have ever played?

ASR: My favorite character? That's hard. That's like picking — I was about to say picking your favorite relative, but then I was, like, well, wait, lots of people have favorite relatives. Or nail polish color.

PS: I would love to know that.

ASR: Chanel has really great colors. And Butter [London], I love Butter. But character, I can’t say. I love them all. Carrie was really fun, that was a fun character to live with for two years.

PS: Will you ever have bangs again like you did in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

ASR: That was actually a wig! I wish. You know, I want to have bangs, but I have such a huge cowlick, there’s no way. I had them when I was about 7, and it looked terrible.

PS: What’s the most important advice you have been given or give to others?

ASR: That's always such a hard question — I’m just going to pertain it to beauty. Sleeping in conditioner is great. Not too often, but it keeps your hair healthy.

MH:That's something a lot of people don’t do, and it actually does make a huge difference.

PS: It’s not too greasy for fine-haired people?

MH: No, no. Of course, it's about the amount you apply as well.

ASR: And definitely shower in the morning.

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