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31 School-Themed Nail Art Ideas That Will Make You Miss the Classroom

Jul 27 2015 - 2:00pm

The weather's still balmy and we're getting our last vacations in, but we're keeping an eye closely on the calendar: Fall is coming. Whether you're headed back to school, stocking up on supplies for your classroom, or just feeling nostalgic about your years in the sandbox, why not break out the paints? Nail paints, that is. Giving ourselves a manicure was always one of our favorite methods of putting off homework in college, and it turns out we're just a few of many; there's a plethora of back-to-school nail art ideas on Instagram to peruse. Go ahead, put off that first chapter you have to read for history, and keep scrolling. (After all, Summer's not over yet [1]!)

Color Inside the Lines

That's the Point


Beautiful Composition

We've Got Chemistry

Passing Notes

An Apple a Day

Better Take Note

Inching Along

Science-Fair Flair

Recess Obsessed

A in French

Arts and Crafty

Classroom Claws

Crayola Cool

Long-Division Digits

Getting Graphic

Chicken Scratch

Scribble Pad

Hit the Books

Those Who Can, Teach

Source: Instagram user followinginmyshoes [2]

Passing Notes

Source: Instagram user mrsadams20 [3]

Sneaking Out of Class

Source: Instagram user nails_by_cam [4]

Art School Student

Crayon Claws

Source: Instagram user kdcudjoe [5]

Doodled Digits

Source: Instagram user verdonails [6]

An Apple a Day

Source: Instagram user simple_short_nails [7]

Pencil Me In

Source: Instagram user macrobot1 [8]

Math Mania

Source: Instagram user polishedbyesp [9]

These Nails Rule

Source: Instagram user fetishnails [10]

It's Elementary

Source: Instagram user cutenailsbydora [11]

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