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Get Over Your Bad Haircut With LOLs

Apr 6 2014 - 9:00am

If you have ever gotten a bad haircut (and let's be honest, you have), you've had to live through the not-so-highs, the lows, the superlows, and then the bottom of the barrel. In honor of our upcoming Spring trims, we've put together some of our favorite GIFS to tell the story of what it feels like to get the unluckiest chop.

When You Walk In For the Cut

When Your Hairdresser Has Ideas For You

What You Expect to See as You Get Turned Around to the Mirror

Source: Cover Girl [1]

What You Actually Experience Upon First Sight

Your Immediate Reaction to the Bad Cut

Followed by Utter Disbelief That This Is Your New Hair

Source: Project Runway [2]

You Feel Like Asking Your Hairdresser

And How You Feel Inside Over It

What You Feel Like Doing When You Exit the Salon

What You Really Do When You Walk Out

Source: Bravo [3]

And What You Do as Soon as You Get Home

While You Stare at Photos of Your Old Hair on Facebook

When Your Boyfriend Tells You That It's Cuter Than You Think

And Your Solution For Going to Work the Next Day

Source: The WB

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