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Beauty Bloopers: The Midas Touch

Welcome to the second installment of Beauty Bloopers. A beauty blooper can be anything from a brow wax gone wrong to having lipstick on your teeth. So don't be shy—share your stories and I'll post some of them here on BellaSugar (anonymously, of course).

Since it's The Honeymoon's Over week here in Sugar-land, I thought it would be appropriate to share a "couple" incident. I'll let our anonymous newlywed take it away...

I love taking baths to relax and unwind, and I like trying unusual and colorful kinds of bubble baths. My husband, however, is more into showering, so usually he lets me bathe alone. One day he thought it would be romantic to take a bath together, so I directed him toward my bath supplies and let him run the tub. But we couldn't have known the disaster that would ensue...

To find out what happened,

I let my husband run the bath, but I didn't tell him how much bubble bath to use. (He's a big boy, right?) When I got into the bathroom, everything looked great—the tub was filled with fluffy, luscious, foamy bubbles. I stepped into the bath, relaxed, and then I noticed that the water was filled with gold litter. It turns out he'd used TWO glittery bath crumblies from Lush, whereas I make one bar last for two or three baths. When we got out of the tub, we were absolutely covered with tiny gold sparkles. We looked like a pair of Oscar statuettes. Worse still, even after we rinsed off in the shower, we found glitter everywhere for weeks. I like to tease him and call him King Midas, but we haven't shared a bath since.

Moral of the story: A little bit of glitter goes a long way.

Do you have a beauty blooper? Share it! Submitting your stories is a cinch. If you aren't already a TeamSugar member, all you have to do is join here and send me a private message. This is your chance for some real down-and-dirty girl talk—and who knows, sharing your beauty misfortunes might even save another gal from her own glam trauma!


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