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Beauty Byte: Cosmetics For Caviar Tastes

While we're on the topic of ultra-expensive face creams, check out this story from Women's Wear Daily about the growing market for "uber-luxurious" fragrances and beauty products. Headlined "Costly Concoctions," this story makes a $150 moisturizer sound like a bargain, finding beauty products with price tags that "rival those of sports cars or fine jewelry":

Take V1, a fragrance created by London-based designer Arfaq, which has a starting price point of $170,000 per platinum, gold, ruby and diamond-bedecked bottle. ... Clive Christian, based in London, claims to sell the world's most expensive juice, with its No. 1 fragrance weighing in at £1,260 per ounce.

The article also points to Estee Lauder's Re-Nutriv creams, which can cost more than $300. I can understand that a bottle covered in precious gems would cost a pretty penny, but a face cream? It all seems a little bit ridiculous to me. Even if you had all the money in the world, would you pay this much for beauty?


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