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Beauty Byte: FDA Orders "Black Box" Warning For Botox

Beauty Byte: FDA Orders "Black Box" Warning For Botox

The black box warning is one of the strongest safety actions the FDA can take . . . and it has come to Botox. Reserved for medications with known serious or life-threatening dangers, the change requires printed bold-face risk information in a black border. Not only does this increase awareness for the adverse effects, but treatment is now accompanied by a medication guide for patients at the time of toxin injection (presumably with even more warnings about this cosmetic treatment).

The decision was made on the heels of a newly approved drug, Dysport, expected to be the first real challenger to the Botox Cosmetic drug. Both are derived from the agent botulinum toxin – purified forms of the bacterial poison that causes botulism – a potentially fatal disease. These drugs temporarily reduce or halt (aka paralyze) muscle activity near the injection spot . . . but reports claim those problems can also spread to other body parts. Now, I know the choice is yours — but does a new labeling requirement change your view on this treatment?


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deleteaccount deleteaccount 7 years
I'm indifferent about Botox. I want to say I would never do it, but honestly I don't know. I don't dye my hair or "fake and bake" but I do use sunless tanning lotions and polish my nails. Even now that I know they're bad for me, I know I wont stop doing it. I know its not the same as injecting a chemical in my face, but regardless its not healthy.
emalove emalove 7 years
I would never, ever, EVER consider getting Botox.
Don't they determine "safe" dosage by injecting different amounts into animals to see how much it takes to kill them? A natural make-up brand send me a newsletter about the cruelty of Botox testing. Completely unthinkable!
kiwichibi kiwichibi 7 years
you know, drinking too much water and breathing in too much air is bad for you too.
bluebunnyram bluebunnyram 7 years
It's about time.
demi-serena demi-serena 7 years
i always thought how vain. going to extremes to look beautiful, bella please tell people the harmful effects of dying your hair,nail polish, jergens sunless tanners...ect. theres a bunch of nasty chemicals in that stuff . especially bring up how harmful perfume is, i get huge headaches when ppl intoxicate themselves with that, i heard its pretty much poison for your body
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
No, it does not change my opinion of botox. I've never agreed with it to begin with. It only confirms my original opinion of it.
sldc sldc 7 years
I hope none of you take antidepressants, because they carry black box warnings, too. Being careful is one thing, but I think we have become a nation of hypochondriacs. I haven't used botox, but for those with migraines, I am willing to bet it is safer than oral medications are to the liver.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 7 years
No sh*t. :oy: I cannot believe the FDA is just doing this now. People should know the risks though ignorance tends to run wild these days. Ugh. I will never have this injected into my face. Nev-er.
aimeeb aimeeb 7 years
I never found injecting a toxin into my skin a good idea. I have had Restylane and found it much more appealing as it is already naturally found in the skin. I mean it's kind of a "duh" issue.
ladychaos ladychaos 7 years
After getting Botulism food poisoning when i was younger, I refuse to inject it in my skin, for fear that I get it again. I think that by far botox is the dumbest medical procedure in existence.
polkadots567 polkadots567 7 years
I say botox is stupid no matter what
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