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Beauty For Your Sign: Aquarius (Jan 20–Feb 18)

Aquarius is the sign that usually gets lumped into the summer-of-love, hippie-style stereotype, but this sign is so much more than that. Aquarians are said to be original, outgoing, intelligent, and willing to embrace out-of-the-ordinary ideas. So don't be surprised if the most popular person at a party is an Aquarius—although this sign is known for eccentricity, people born under it get along with just about everybody.

But like any sign, Aquarius has its negative side. This sign has a temper that can come out of nowhere, and unfortunately, Aquarians are likely to take that anger out on themselves. So if you're an Aquarius, be sure to give yourself a little TLC.

For a few beauty tips for the water bearer,

What works if you're an Aquarius: Individuality. Essentially, Aquarius girls look best when they embrace their quirks. So don't try to force your appearance into a narrow mold; if you have curly hair, for instance, let it flow naturally.

What doesn't: Following the fad of the moment. If you're into a trend, by all means, play around with it. But following a trend for the sake of being in fashion just isn't you. In addition, watch out for snoozy neutrals that can wash you out. While you can still use natural shades, watch out for colors that fade into your skin tone. So, for instance, instead of going for a nude lip, try a natural shade that has a little bit of shimmer.


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