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Bella Book: You'd Be So Pretty If . . .

Bella Book: You'd Be So Pretty If . . .

My childhood is remembered in small snippets, some of which continue to shape me today. One of those moments involved a 12-year-old Bella and her mom, who said, "You'd be so pretty if you didn't have your father's nose." (Guess who grew up to find microscopic imperfections with her schnoz.)

My mom probably wouldn't have said that if she'd read You'd Be So Pretty If . . ., a book on body image written by Dara Chadwick. Although its target audience is the mommy brigade, there's plenty in here if you're not a parent — or if, um, you have lingering issues with the way your parents approached your appearance. Chadwick examines the complex dynamics between mothers and their daughters, encouraging women to help girls develop self-esteem and avoid body-image problems. It's not an appropriate Mother's Day gift — that is, unless you're the queen of passive aggression — but it's worth checking out if you're a mom, an aunt, a big sister, or just someone who wants to learn how to be a little kinder to herself.


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