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Bella Interview: More from Scissorz

Welcome back to the second part of my interview with TeamSugar member (and marvy hairstylist) Scissorz. If you missed the first part, check it out—she gives great advice on how to get the cut you want. Today, she talks about tipping, fixing a bad cut, and whether you should use drugstore or salon products.

For once and for all, what's an appropriate tip?
I recommend very strongly that you tip at about 20 percent. I personally don't judge people for not tipping a lot, but I think $5 per haircut or $10 per process for color is also fair. It sucks not getting a tip—the stylist will think you hated the service.

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What should people do if they go to the salon... and leave hating their new hair?
Unless you just got your hair royally jacked, you should give your stylist a chance to fix the cut/color that you are unhappy with. As long as you are cool about it, I'm cool about it. It is soooo hard to nail right on the head what someone really wants the very first time, and I know its hard to believe, but sometimes we make mistakes. Most of the time it is something very minor that will take very little time to fix.

Just be nice and explain what you would rather have. Tipping for this isn't necessary, but it does make us feel better. You should probably give us a second chance. And don't make it your last visit; now we know what you really want, so it will be much better from there.

Is there a difference between drugstore hair products and those you get at the salon?
Everyone hates to hear it, but there is a HUGE difference between drugstore and salon products. Buying good, salon-quality shampoo/conditioner is very important to the health of your hair. Healthy hair isn't as frizzy or tangled and it usually looks a lot better with its natural texture. Drugstore shampoos tend to use alcohols and waxes (thats what the pro-vitamins are, sorry) to make your hair SEEM smoother at first. I can actually tell when I shampoo someone if they are using good products.

[Drugstore] styling products are just usually inferior in their performance. You have to use more usually so they rarely are actually price-effective. But Johnson's original baby powder is a great alternative to hair powder. It will suck up oil from the scalp, give fine hair a little boost, or help with adding texture for a killer updo.

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