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Celebrity Makeup Artist Brett Freedman's Best Tips

Feb 16 2012 - 6:00am

Over the course of his eight-week tenure as a guest blogger on BellaSugar, celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman shared everything from the his top drugstore picks to the most memorable beauty blunders he has encountered over the years. We've rounded up all of his professional tips and stories, so you can emulate the beauty tricks he uses on stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones [1], Kelly Clarkson [2], and Vanessa Hudgens [3]. Be sure to check them out now.

Photos courtesy of Vanitymark Cosmetics [4] and Thinkstock [5]

Beauty Blunders

Too much mascara, the "sperm brow," and too much glitter are just a few common makeup mishaps [6] for which Brett offers quick fixes.

Celebrity Tips

Brett works with big stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones [7] and Kelly Clarkson [8], and he shares some surprising beauty tricks that his celebrity clients taught him [9].

Day-to-Night Transformation

Most women have to quickly transform their day-to-night look in a flash [10], so Brett came up with a plan of action to get us from office to happy hour fast.

Perfect Brows

Every woman wants perfect brows to frame her face, but so much can go wrong in so little time. Rather than plucking away without a plan, use Brett's tips on getting the perfect eyebrows [11] with ease.

Perfect Red Lips

Brett offers helpful tips to make wearing red lipstick a little less intimidating [12].

Winter-Ready Skin

Avoid flakes, cracks, and dull skin with Brett's Winter skin care regimen [13].

Top Drugstore Picks

Brett shares his absolutely favorite drugstore makeup products [14] — and they're all under $10.

Photo courtesy of Vanitymark Cosmetics [15]

Bright Hues

If you choose to wear a bright color, Brett suggests you keep the makeup crisp, but neutral, so the attention is drawn to the clothing. And when experimenting with bold makeup colors [16], resist the urge to be matchy-matchy.

Eye-Popping Lashes

For fool-proof fake lashes [17], Brett opts for short, brown lashes. Not only are they more natural-looking, but they give your eyes just enough pop.

Trending Makeup Shades

Colored mascara, turquoise liquid liner, Nicki Minaj's OPI nail polish, and fluorescent pink gloss are just a few vivid hues Brett sees trending [18] in the makeup world.

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