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The Best Travel Beauty Products

Must-Try Beauty Travel Kits For Hassle-Free Packing

Whether you're headed out this Labor Day weekend or you're planning a trip abroad this Fall, packing light is a great way to go. Thankfully, travel kits can instantly eliminate the fuss of loading up for your next road trip (or jet-setting adventure), and we found three that have you covered from head to toe.

Products featured:
Ms. & Mrs. Shemergency kit ($25)
Flight 001 Girl on the Go kit ($14)
Vbeauté It kit ($165)

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planning your next getaway? Well, make yourself at home with these travel-friendly beauty kits. They're compact but fit everything you need to keep your beauty routine intact. And don't worry, there's no TFA here. If you're looking for a kit that has every essential you can think of and then some the Shemergency kit is exactly what you should pick up. Now one of the best things about it is that there's 25 items in this little tiny compact purselet pretty much. And it's only $25, so major bang for your buck. But, look. Look how much fits in here. There's so much and everything is so compact. It's very tightly sealed so you know that nothing's gonna, you know, slip out or drip. And I thought it was so cute. This is actually a nail clipper. It looks like a little, you know, charm for the purse but you turn it around and it clips your nails. It looks very convenient. So, anything you could think of as far as beauty emergencies, this is gonna take care of all of it. This is a static remover. So, it's very discreet, it's very small. one other thing I really love about this is, you know, you can take it in your carry-on or you can just fit it in your purse. This is great for everyday use. It's perfect for brides because while she's busy worrying about the wedding, you know, you could give her this and she doesn't have to worry about if she gets a cut or there's something on her dress or anything like that. And it's great for her honeymoon, too. The biggest complaint I think a lot of women have with airports is the TSA and then taking out their precious products like their hand sanitizer and their, you know, mini body washes and their shampoos. But you can't complain if you have paper soap. So these guys, they look like blotting sheets actually, but they're very thin. This is actually the paper soap. You just put it in the palm of your hand, add a little bit of water, just add water. And voila, it's going to start foaming almost immediately. And then you can use it to, you know, wash your hands. If you use the paper shampoo, you can put it in your hair. Or if you're going to use the body wash, obviously, you can clean your body with it. But I think the main attraction to this little kit right here is, it's only $14.00 which is awesome, and it doesn't spill. You don't have to worry about your purse. getting completely destroyed. If you're looking to splurge and you want a very chic travel kit, this It Kit is gonna be exactly what you want to pick up. How beautiful is this thing? It's absolutely gorgeous and it's like when you put it in your purse, people are not even gonna know that it's filled with a ton of skin care goodness like an eye cream and an everyday moisturizer, a cleanser, an exfoliator, a serum, I mean, and these are very high-end products, so you know that you're going to get a lot out of them. One thing I love about travel kits is if you ever run out of anything, you can easily replenish, because all of these products are sold separately. Just keep your reusable bag or case. Happy trails to you. I'm Kirby, and thanks for watching BellaSugar TV.

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