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Bigger Boobs in 30 Minutes

Whether you're a fan of breast augmentation or you think it's just for boobs (yuk yuk), you probably know that getting implants isn't a quick and easy procedure. Most women take two to five days off to start healing, and it can take weeks to do so completely.

Not for long, though, according to a Dallas plastic surgeon. Dr. John Tebbetts, shown here, is appearing at the annual meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons this week. He'll present information on his 30-minute breast augmentation procedure, which requires low levels of anaesthetics and promises to get the newly ample-bosomed recovered in just a few hours.

"The level of pain that our patients experience does not require any medications other than Ibuprofen which is available over the counter without a prescription," Dr Tebbetts said. ... "After the surgery we tell the women to go home and have a little nap, then get up after two hours, wash their hair, which helps them stretch their muscles, then go to dinner."

If it takes off, the so-called "out to dinner" breast augmentation could change the way women view surgery. You could wake up a 32A, then go out that evening a 32D—all with a procedure that takes less time than a dental cleaning. In effect, getting implants becomes a simple, quick procedure. I'm curious to know what you think of this development. Does it change the way you look at cosmetic surgery at all?


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