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Blond and Gray Hairstyle

Street Style: A Cool Way to Wear a Blond Bob

Yesterday, I saw a woman with a strikingly cool haircut. (See stealthy iPhone photo at right.) The look was slightly reminiscent of our girl crush Kate Lanphear, but it had a two-tone twist.

The woman had a graduated bob that was mostly dyed whitish blond, but the hair that peeked out in the back was gray. The contrast had a hint of punk attitude, so the overall effect was slinkster cool. Even better was the fact that judging by her narrow trousers and blazer, it seemed like Lady Awesome-hair might be a hip 23-year-old fashion trendsetter. Not the case — she was probably in her 40s, and she was easily the most stylish woman I'd seen all week. Love it.

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