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Blue is Back, Part IV: Electric Blue Mascaras

Welcome to the final installment of blue is back, my four part series on blue makeup. Today we are looking at a couple of bad-ass electric blue mascaras. These are great when navy feels too safe, but you're feeling scared that purple might make you look bloodshot. Blues are a great way to add edginess to a natural or smokey eye.

Bourjois Maxi Frange Maximum Length And Volume Mascara Waterproof in Bleu Bora Bora ($19) is a double-sided, waterproof mascara. It's a gorgeous color that reminds me of aqua-green waters just as they meet royal blue skies on a tropical horizon.

One side houses a comb containing a creamy formula to help separate the lashes and prevent clumping, and the other side houses a round brush that adds length and volume. Use both sides for the ultimate dramatic eye!

For two more electric blue mascaras,

Sephora Mascara Fantastic Color in Blue ($6) is an ultra-vibrant mascara with cool packaging. It comes in a flexible squeezy tube, so that you can actually make use of the product at the bottom. Also, it has a new slim wand to help you create a more precise look.

Finally, Dior Show Mascara in Azure Blue ($23) is a rich, high-pigment, bright blue mascara. One coat will give you longer, thicker, curvier lashes and two coats will give you dramatic volume and shine for an electrifying runway-ready look. Speaking of runways, I'm reporting from Fashion Week this week—so stay tuned for my trend picks!

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