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Bobby Pins Come Out of Hiding as the Ultimate Styling Accessory

Aug 19 2013 - 7:02am

Once upon a time, bobby pins were meant to be the hidden foundation of a style, but now they're getting a moment in the spotlight. No longer for function alone, this quintessential updo accessory has become a fashionable hair accoutrement. Whether embellished or painted, the uses for the average hair pin have expanded considerably. See how these celebrities added edge to their hairstyles with the help of a simple bobby.

Bobby pins were the focus of Julianne Hough's Met Gala hairstyle [1]. She wore over 100 in her updo!

We've come a long way from the original black bobby pins, baby. Now you can find tinted pins that match just about any hair color. Take Amy Adams [2]'s copper pins, for instance, which held her red-carpet style behind her ears.

Katharine McPhee's trio of bright bobbies added an element of fun to her style, all while complementing her ruby red lip hue.

Sometimes you just need to keep your bangs out of your eyes, and Karolina Kurkova added a solitary bobby pin to do just that.

Click too fast, and you'll miss Emily Blunt [3]'s tinted bobby pin. This retro coiffure would have held up fine without it, but the addition brought a modern touch to her vintage glamour.

Chloë Grace Moretz secured her sideswept bangs with a few gunmetal bobby pins, proving the best things come in sets of three.

To keep her long layers in line, Emmy Rossum added a couple of white pins to contrast with her dark strands. Paired with a braid, this style is perfect for a Summer brunch, shower, or garden party.

Take a style cue from Emi Takei and match your hair accessory to your outfit. If you can't find bobbies in your coordinating color, just touch up regular pins with spray paint.

Pixie Geldof wore a winning color combination, pairing her plum lip color with gold bobby pins. For short-haired ladies, they're a Summer must have.

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