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Brand-New Brand: Playboy Beauty

Now you too can look like a sexy centerfold thanks to Hef's latest Playboy brand launch Playboy Beauty. These luxurious, long wearing, "stay the night," formulas are provocative, fresh and wearable. They are for the beauty consumer who doesn't want to pay sky high prices.

The packaging alone is worth checking out. Everything is dressed in black magic lucite with hot pink logos. Some of the products are also adorned with an adorable pale gold bunny head - the classic Playboy icon. We know you'll love the catchy names just as much as we do. Get yourself geared up for Valentine's Day with these fun and flirty cosmetics. When you are getting ready for your big date, bring out the inner pin up girl in you.

Try some lip gloss to get you In The Mood, $18, for love. Then when he opens the door, you'll knock his socks off At First Blush, $16.50, with your shimmering and light weight powder blusher. Your body will look soft and luscious too, accented with a touch of Velvet Body Balm, $24.

Hopefully, by evening's end, you'll get to do some kissing with your new super high shine Kissing Lip Gloss, $18.

There is no Hidden Agenda, $18, on this date, so don't cover up your feelings and be shy, show him that you want to be his February Calendar Girl, 14! Have fun with this new daring makeup line! Read more about new makeup alerts here.

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Join The Conversation
alicia17 alicia17 8 years
Cute make up line! I would pick up some lip glosses!:D
ItsLoveInStereo ItsLoveInStereo 8 years
The packaging is cute, but I'm thinking only strippers would be fit to wear these colors, bleh!
KandiQTC KandiQTC 8 years
It's cute, but I think it is better to be a mademoiselle, rather than a bunny.
Chiquita-82 Chiquita-82 9 years
Aaaaaaw I want one of those. So cute...
Chiquita-82 Chiquita-82 9 years
Aaaaaaw I want one of those. So cute...
ZergGirl ZergGirl 9 years
Heee, I will definitely be buying one of the lip glosses! :)
Thoia Thoia 9 years
Amen to that, M155 J4CK13! I refuse to buy stuff that really just spins on the brand of exposing women as an object and a toy for men.
M155-J4CK13 M155-J4CK13 9 years
Ahahaha. I'd say this is unquestionable proof of the patriarchy that is still ever-present in our society today.
JennaV JennaV 9 years
That pink lipstick was really toooooo pink for me but I wore it anyways :P Maybe they will bring all of it back one day! :D
ikitty13 ikitty13 9 years
oooo i totally remember that MAC line, they were all out by the time i decided i wanted a lipstick.
JennaV JennaV 9 years
I don't know...I think it is all kinda cute. A few years ago, MAC came out with a lipstick with the bunny packaging and it was a gorgeous pink color.....loved it!
Fashion Fashion 9 years
FYI: Playboy is as far as i go...I would never post Hooters anything! xo
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 9 years
I couldn't own a whole line of that stuff at all. But if they had one product that happened to be up there with Chanel or Dior, I might consider it :-P
yamahamama yamahamama 9 years
Ha! Hooters! Hooters bras [snicker]. Tacky, tacky, tacky.
vintagesugar vintagesugar 9 years
Oh, what a bad idea. Next we will wearing Hooters brand makeup.
rubialala rubialala 9 years
I like GND and I think this stuff is cute.
Ms_Magnificent1 Ms_Magnificent1 9 years
Yeah I don't know about this either...the packaging looks a lil over-the-top and cheesy. Maybe it will be hot amongst girls in their late teens...very early twenties. Just not my cup of tea...
ikitty13 ikitty13 9 years
I agree, this is very flashy and over the top, but ever since GND i seem to be liking everything Playboy more and more. :) And most of that jewelry was so cute, i think it helps that she is a pretty good artist.
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 9 years
If they had done the logo way more subtly, I'd be all over it, but this is over the top. Have you seen the jewelry Holly designed? Most of it was really cute.
jc82 jc82 9 years
Not interested. The packaging is too over the top. I've never been into any of the Playboy merchandise...looks cheap. I prefer classier items.
lilren lilren 9 years
I do love that show.
ikitty13 ikitty13 9 years
This is the stuff i always see on Holly's vanity table. very cute. I love GND.
lilren lilren 9 years
I'm thinking that the packaging is in bunny could have been done cuter.
missixty02 missixty02 9 years
I am thinking the same thing...
ash_marisa ash_marisa 9 years
I don't about this...
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