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Bridal Beauty Checklist For Weddings

Your Ultimate Wedding Day Beauty Checklist

Your wedding is a huge milestone in your life, and preparing for it can turn from exciting to stressful with the snap of a finger. No need to get too frazzled, though. Prioritize your various beauty appointments with our handy bridal beauty checklist. It includes everything you need to help make your big day even brighter, complete with a timeline and a few modern twists. Let the countdown begin.

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Congratulations, you're getting married and now it's time to start planning all those beauty milestones to get you in blushing bride shape. So we've created a beauty bridal checklist to get you one hundred percent ready for your walk down the aisle. Three months out focus on your skin. Your wedding is a perfect opportunity to see a dermatologist, so plan a facial or a few in the month leading up to your big day for that love-induced glow. But remember, don't save facials for the last minute, because before the skin-glowing part, they can cause breakouts. Also, if you're looking to save time and money, Bliss has a great oxygen mask that not only brightens your complexion, it's lightweight and it's the next best thing to spending a day at the spa. Since you'll have your wedding photos for the rest of your life, you want your teeth to be gleaming. With professional whitening, you can see significant results in one sixty minute session. But for a truly bright smile, try two sessions before your wedding. Also, if you are on a budget, or you need to be after you see that catering bill, go ahead and try white strips or whitening toothpaste. We like this one from Colgate, because it not only whitens over a few weeks time, but also it won't hurt your teeth. Whether you are doing your own hair makeup or you are hiring a pro, you want to start early and do a few test runs. First get recommendations from friends or bridal websites, then bring in a photo for inspiration and talk with your hairstylist or makeup artist to finalize your wedding day well also don't forget to snap a photo to see if you need to add more blush or eye liner for the camera your wedding isn't the time to flirt with a drastic change in your hair color or cut. After all, your fiance loves the way you look already. If you need, go ahead and trim your or freshen up your highlights at least two weeks before so they look more natural for your wedding day. But if you're blonde, don't try going brunette, and if you have long hair, this is not the time to chop it all off. just remember, you want to look like you on your wedding day. Not like you're trying out the latest runway trend. Nails are the easiest part of the beauty routine and since you'll be busy on your big day, why not treat yourself to a manicure the day before? Here's a tip. Bring your own polish to the salon, so in case you get a smudge or a chip, you can fix it easily. A classic pink is always a great choice. But why not use your manicure as a way to wear something blue? A pale grey blue is soft enough to walk down the aisle. Listen, we know this isn't the sexiest topic, but it's It is time to talk about body hair. Now you already know this, but waxing especially your face. Plan your appointment at least a week-and-half before any taken on chance that you might get an allergic reaction.Also for your body if you prefer shaving do it the night before in a relaxing bubble bath. Now this is the most important part: relax smile and get excited because you're gonna be an absolutely stunning bride. Easy enough, right? I'm Kirby and thanks for watching Bella Sugar TV.

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