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CB I Hate Perfume Reviews

Honey and Dirt: The Curious Scents of CB I Hate Perfume

I've long been intrigued by CB I Hate Perfume. For one thing, there's that name, and for another, the "CB" is Christopher Brosius, the man responsible for some of those way, way too accurate Demeter scents like Tomato, Dirt, Wet Garden, and Thunderstorm. I had a hard time imagining what it would be like if his penchant for verisimilitude was unleashed on an entire, more complex scent. So I finally broke down and ordered a couple samples off their website. To find out how they measure up to his Demeter work, read more.

Black March: When I opened this one, I was overwhelmed by the smell of wet potting soil. Once I put it on, though, the fragrance changed rapidly. There was a sudden note of crunchy, wet leaves, and then a burst of fresh flowers. It dried down to a light cucumber musk with a delicate, spicy edge that might have been nasturtium. It was a fun, wild ride, but it was over remarkably quickly — it's one of those scents that's great out of the bottle, but that no one else will ever notice you're wearing if you don't want them to.

Wildflower Honey: This one is complex in a different way. Instead of following one another in rapid succession, the notes here intermingle. It's very accurate, again, and I swear I can also smell the waxiness of honeycomb sometimes. I love its distilled sweetness, but I'm disappointed when it dries down quickly, too. The drydown is still sweet, but smells a little like ozone as well. My sister loved this scent on, though, so it gets my thumbs-up.

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