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Cancer Beauty

Beauty For Your Sign: Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Happy birthday, my Cancer friends! This ever-changing sign is known for having a big heart — and big mood swings. Loyal, sincere, and romantic, Cancers tend to provide the proverbial shoulder to cry on for all of their friends and family. But being everyone else's rock can take its toll on this sensitive sign. And when it does, watch out! It's crab city.

Want to spot a Cancer? Look for a wide smile, soft facial features, an athletic build, and a sense of confidence. (Think of Missy Elliott.) For beauty tips and shopping suggestions specific to this sign,


What works if you're a Cancer: Versatility is key, especially because your whims may change at any moment. Stick to tried-and-true natural-looking makeup for the most part, but keep a few funky colors at hand. You'll look especially good in metallics, and luminizers will give your skin a gorgeous glow. (You are, after all, ruled by the moon!) Use your innocent side to your advantage, as Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson do; they usually appear polished, but with a sexy edge (black nail polish, a glossy pout) to their look.

What doesn't: OK, so you know that sexy edge? Don't go too far with it. When Selma Blair cuts her hair in a bob, it's foxy in a cool-girl way. But for Pamela Anderson, Lil' Kim, and Courtney Love — three Cancers who know their way around a plastic surgeon's office — the quest to look "perfect" has made them look like totally different people.


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