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Disney Princesses, Cartoons, and More Bizarre Celeb Beauty Twins

Jun 24 2014 - 4:30am

Sometimes we can only wonder where celebrities get the inspiration for their hair looks (have you seen Adam Levine's new white-blond hair?!). But after a little more thinking, we realized that our favorite stars must be bingeing on cartoons every weekend. From Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast to epic sagas like Harry Potter, we've paired up these Hollywood regulars with their fictional hair look-alikes.

Does Jennifer Lawrence Look Like Marius From Les Misérables?

Source: Getty [1] and Facebook user Les Miserables [2]

Does Kelly Osbourne Look Like Ursula From The Little Mermaid?

Source: Getty [3] and Facebook user The Little Mermaid [4]

Does Blake Lively Look Like Elsa From Frozen?

Source: Getty [5] and Facebook user Frozen [6]

Does Tom Brady Look Like Tintin?

Source: Startraks Photo [7] and Facebook user Adventures of Tintin [8]

Does Kate Middleton Look Like Belle From Beauty and the Beast?

Source: Getty [9] and Facebook user Beauty and the Beast [10]

Does Adam Levine Look Like Draco Malfoy From Harry Potter?

Source: Twitter user Adam Levine [11] and Facebook user Harry Potter [12]

Does Vanessa Hudgens Look Like Rapunzel From Tangled?

Source: Instagram user Vanessa Hudgens [13] and Facebook user Tangled [14]

Does Kim Kardashian Look Like Jasmine From Aladdin?

Source: Getty [15] and Facebook user Aladdin [16]

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