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6 Stars Who've Made 1920s-Style Finger Waves Look Great

Aug 29 2011 - 11:43am

Vanessa Hudgens [1] may be trying to grow out her hair, but her cute crop and flapper-inspired finger waves may just be the most stunning look of her career. Finger waves are one of those styles that are recognizably vintage from a mile off, but so cool and architectural looking that they feel distinctly modern, too. On top of that, they're a great style when your hair is at an awkward length or is desperately in need of a trim.

Vanessa is not the only star to realize how gorgeous these waves can be, though. Find out how the following five hot Hollywood commodities gave their hair a little help, and what kind of finger waves could possibly avert a hair crisis for you.

Lookin' Fine

Blondes like Kate Bosworth [2] usually have fine hair, which makes it difficult to maintain volume or smooth down the odd broken strand. Finger waves work well in this instance because you don't need any volume at the crown to achieve this style. Also, with the proper hold-enhancing product, this type of structured waving can help hide any breakage you may have.

Color Me Impressed

Katy Perry [3] and colorist Rita Hazan just spent the last several months coloring Katy's strands magenta. And while you can tell that Hazan is a stellar colorist by how healthy Katy's hair still looks, even so, her ends could be dry from all the processing. Loose finger waves with lots of volume at the bottom are great for concealing dryness or split ends and can make not-so-healthy pieces blend in better with the rest of your hair.

Say Wet?

Tyra Banks [4] wore this gorgeous flapper style during her run as a guest star on Gossip Girl. Knowing her fondness for lacefronts, this is likely a wig, but the advice still holds true either way. If you have thick, wavy to medium-curly hair with plenty of texture, finger waves are an excellent go-to formal style since they allow you to work with your hair instead of against it. Styling products keep it smooth, prevent poofing, and make hair look shiny and well-nourished.

In the Thick of It

All the Kardashian ladies (but especially Kim Kardashian [5]) have hair worthy of a shampoo commercial: long, thick, and impossibly glossy. But all that thickness and length can make it difficult to wear any updos that don't involve a huge bun at the back or a top knot. So what's a girl who takes excellent care of her already-impressive tresses to do? Try finger waves with a deep side part. It's a refreshing alternative to the same-old, high-up, tucked-in bun.

Getting Back to Your Roots

Roots are another common issue when you're growing out your hair. It's healthy to have a little bit of regrowth, because it means you're not dyeing it constantly, and stars like Nicole Richie [6] cleverly downplay them instead of covering them up. Nicole often uses headbands or wraps to do the job, but for a formal event, soft, shaken-out finger waves draw attention to her face and the body of her hair instead of to the top.

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