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Why We're Definitely Not Over Men's Facial Scruff

Apr 18 2014 - 7:45am

A new study suggests that we are suffering from some major beard-fatigue [1]: as men's facial hair has become more and more popular, woman are finding it less and less attractive. Now, while you may prefer your man fuzz free, we can't help but admit that we love a handsome celebrity showing off his five o'clock shadow. When Ryan Gosling [2] and Justin Timberlake [3] rock this style, how could you not swoon? Scroll on for more pictures of sexy stars with beards.

Justin Timberlake [4]: The "SexyBack" Beard

Common: The Neat and Tight Beard

Jesse Metcalfe: The Sexy Boy-Next-Door Beard

Chris Evans: The All-American Beard

Liam Hemsworth: The Odds-are-in-Your-Favor Beard

Jake Gyllenhaal [5]: The High-Powered-Hipster Beard

Leonardo DiCaprio [6]: The Directed-by-Martin-Scorsese Beard

Ryan Gosling [7]: The Melts-a-Million-Hearts Beard

David Beckham [8]: The English Gentleman Beard

Gerard Butler [9]: The Salt-and-Pepper Beard

Adam Levine: The Rock-Star Beard

Idris Elba: The Swoon-Worthy Beard

Johnny Depp [10]: The Skinny 'Stache Beard

Jason Schwartzman [11]: The Quintessentially Quirky Beard

Jon Hamm [12]: The Red Carpet Beard

Honorable Mentions:

May your sexy scruff rest in peace.

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