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12 Famous Women Who Go Solo For Hair and Makeup

Apr 19 2012 - 6:00am

Some stars may have an entire coterie of stylists and makeup artists around at all times to keep them looking perfectly primped. But you might be surprised to hear that some very important and famous people often go solo when it comes to doing their hair and makeup. Want to find out who's applying her own eyeliner and coifing her own curls? Click through to get self-styling secrets from Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift [1], Gwen Stefani [2], and more.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood [3] has the doe-eyed look perfected, and when she goes on tour, she does her hair and makeup on her own. "Yeah, that's two people I don't have [on tour]," she told Stylelist [4]. "When you're on stage, it's a little bit different than real life. You can put glitter on your eyes. Big hair. It's fun. It's a nice, relaxing time, a calm before the storm, if you will."

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani [5] is well-known for doing her own makeup, especially when she's on tour. "I learn from makeup people now, but in the past I had a real problem with makeup artists," she's said [6]. "I remember my first experience with a makeup artist was doing the first No Doubt album, the one that was shelved. Go back and look at how ugly I look. It is the worst makeup. From that time on, I'm thinking, 'I'm not going to let someone do my makeup, because they don't know how to do it.'"

Janelle Monae

Here's a surprising one: the ultrafabulous Janelle Monae has said she does her amazing hair and makeup completely on her own. She told her MySpace fans [7]: "Well folks, sorry to say this, but I do my own styling and my own tangled-up hair! I never like to inconvenience anyone I don't have to. I mean, I may not do the best job, but if I can do it, I would just rather it be that way." We respectfully disagree about her "best" point there — we're continually impressed with Janelle's styling chops.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton famously did her own makeup for her wedding [8] to Prince William last April. Wedding [9] planner Mark Niemierko told People [10], "Arabella Preston [a makeup artist ] was called in by a mutual friend of hers and Kate's. She's had about three or four lessons with Kate . . . Arabella was supposed to be coming on the [wedding] day as well but now she isn't, because Kate's comfortable and confident in doing it herself."

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet [11] may be a titanic star, but she's no prima donna when it comes to her styling. “I like to do my own makeup," she told InStyle UK [12] back in December. "I rarely rely on one foundation — mixing two colors can make a big difference. I never use too much powder, only in the right areas. I have peachy fuzz on my cheeks, so I have to be careful with powder."

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu [13] cleverly carries around two eyeliners at all times. "The liquid liner is for above the eye, and the pencil is for inside the eye," she explained to CNN. "But I rarely use the pencil unless I'm going out. If you put liquid liner on during the day and then add pencil to the inner rims at night, it glams it up."

Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama is one smart cookie, so it's no surprise that she's also very handy with a makeup brush. Her longtime friend and former makeup artist Ingrid Grimes-Myles revealed to Chicago magazine [14] that "Early on, I taught her how to do a clean media face, and to this day, she is very competent in accomplishing this. Mrs. Obama could not have a makeup artist for all of her many scheduled appearances.”

Natasha Poly

Model Natasha Poly has spent enough time in the makeup chair to know her way around an eye and lip palette. "She loves to do her own makeup," Natasha's hairstylist, Aleksandra Sasha Nesterchuk, told Style.com [15]. For this event last December, Natasha not only did her own amazing eye makeup, but also came up with the concept for her hairstyle, bringing in old Helmut Newton tear sheets as inspiration for Nesterchuk.

Olivia Palermo

Socialite and fashionista extraordinaire Olivia Palermo is a not-so-secret fan of DIY [16] hair and makeup. For going day to night, she told FabSugar UK [17] that "I add a little bit of liner and deepen my shadow." Her lip color "secret," though, might surprise you. "I actually don't wear anything on my lips," she revealed. "I really like the shade of my lips and can't seem to find a shade I like better, so I usually just go bare!"


Rihanna [18] looks great when she does her own hair, but she's no stranger to self-styling mishaps. Back in 2010, she took to Twitter [19] with a follicular malfunction, saying "new hair….new curling iron BURN……damn 5head always in the way." We empathize completely.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift [20]'s makeup artist, Jake Bailey, says he's impressed with Taylor's eyeliner skills. “I'm amazed at the speed and precision with which she does her own cat-eye," Bailey told Fashionista [21]. And how can we get as good as Taylor? "Practice, practice, practice," he said.

Corinne Bailey Rae

Love Corinne Bailey Rae's beautifully voluminous curls? She recently told Curly Nikki [22] about her routine for creating the look: "I put it in four or so plaits," Corinne said. "I plait the front section, then one in the crown, and two at the sides. I leave that for a day or a day and a half. When I take them down, it's in those loose kinks from the plaits, but it's still a bit wet, so then my natural curl kind of comes back in a bit."

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