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10 Celebrities and Their Beauty Best Friends

Nov 9 2016 - 6:00am

You know how you like to play dress-up with your best friends and do each other's makeup and hair? Well, these celebrities and their professional glam squads [1] are tight just like that. These men and women travel the world doing makeup and hair for the stars (who also happen to be their biggest fans). You may never see them walk the red carpet, but these behind-the-scenes beauty rock stars are known for their work. From Jennifer Aniston [2] to Jessica Alba [3], meet the BFFs of the celebrity beauty world.

Source: Instagram user mrchrismcmillan [4]

Nicole Richie and Andy Lecompte

Nicole and Andy are the type of best friends we strive to be! Not only is he the man responsible for her lob haircut, but they also have a relationship that extends outside the salon. He's even made a guest appearance on her YouTube series [5], Candidly Nicole.

Source: Instagram user nicolerichie [6]

Jennifer Aniston and Chris McMillan

Every iconic hairstyle Jennifer Aniston [7] has had since the Rachel has been the creation of Chris McMillan (including her bob haircut [8]). The two have been best buds since Jennifer's days on Friends, and they're still going strong through thick and thin.

Source: Instagram user mrchrismcmillan [9]

Lily Collins and Kayleen McAdams

Makeup artist Kayleen McAdams may be Rachel McAdams [10]'s sister, but her top client (nepotism aside) is Lily Collins. The young actress is pretty new to the scene, but Kayleen has been getting her ready for red carpets since her college days, when Lily used to write for magazines like Cosmo.

Source: Instagram user mararoszak [11]

Rihanna and Ursula Stephen

Rihanna [12] changes up her hair so often we can barely keep count. Which means that her friend and stylist Ursula Stephen stays busy. From blond to red to jet black, Ursula has helped Rihanna mold her most enviable styles [13]. The two may bump heads from time to time, but that's what best friends do!

Source: Instagram user ursulastephen [14]

The Olsen Twins and Mark Townsend

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen [15] have the type of textured, beachy hair women lust after. Every time a gal walks into the salon with one of the Olsens' photos, she is giving credit to Mark Townsend. The trio have such a long-standing relationship that Townsend feels comfortable breaking their hair rules. Mary-Kate only likes a few bobby pins in her styles, but he sneaks in extras from time to time.

Source: Instagram user marktownsend1 [16]

Rachel Zoe and Joey Maalouf

We first discovered Rachel Zoe and Joey Maalouf's relationship on her show, The Rachel Zoe Project. Maalouf even dressed up as Rachel for Halloween [17] (bangs and hat included). His makeup skills have also been featured on Rachel's website [18]. They're one duo who prove that you can mix business and pleasure.

Source: Instagram user joeymaalouf [19]

Gisele Bündchen and Harry Josh

We envy Harry Josh's eyebrows almost as much as we want Gisele Bündchen [20]'s honey-highlighted mane. The two have been together for such a long time that it's no surprise they share a tight relationship off set, too. Gisele even took the time to promo Harry Josh's pro tools line on her Instagram! That's the support of a true friend.

Source: Instagram user giseleofficial [21]

Lupita Nyong'o and Ted Gibson

Lupita Nyong'o wowed us with her red-carpet style this past awards season, and she has already locked in her mane man — Ted Gibson. She has trusted him to create a number of magazine and red carpet looks including her high-top SAGs Afro [22]. We sense this is the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Source: Instagram user lupitanyongo [23]

Jessica Alba and Lauren Andersen

Jessica Alba [24] and Lauren Anderson are more like buddies than co-workers. In a recent feature for The Hollywood Reporter [25], Andersen talked about how they met at 14 and have been working together ever since. She was the makeup artist responsible for Alba's amazing orange lip at the 2013 Golden Globes [26].

Source: Instagram user lauren_andersen [27]

Cameron Diaz and Gucci Westman

Makeup artist Gucci Westman counts many famous women among her clients including Kate Hudson [28], Jennifer Aniston [29], and Gwyneth Paltrow [30]. But actress Cameron Diaz [31] is the one she counts among her best friends. Cameron even served as a bridesmaid in Gucci's wedding [32].

Source: Instagram user gucciwestman [33]

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