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Charlize Theron's Braided Updo Hair Tutorial

How to Create a To-Die-For Braided Updo

Looking for a new take on a classic style? Let birthday-girl Charlize Theron be your inspiration — and let her personal hairstylist, Enzo Angileri, show you how to re-create her elegant braided bun with step-by-step guidance. Equal parts chic sophisticate and bohemian beauty, this updo looks just as good with jeans and a tee as it does on the red carpet. Watch now and see how to get the look!

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Charlize Theron always had inspired hairstyles and we love how she isn't afraid to change things up. So today, we're here with her stylist, Enzo Angileri who created her really beautiful braided updo. And he's gonna show us how to get a similar look at home. So, Enzo, when we see Charlize on the red carpet. She usually has a sleek back ponytail or a really pretty chignon and this is a really different look. So, what was the inspiration for it? The inspiration was the dress. It was this magnificent Azzedine Alaia dress that really inspired everybody. Did Charlize say, "Hey, I want a braid." Or did you just go to town? No, Charlize wanted a braid. She's said, "I want a braid." And we gave her a braid. Well, I say we get started. Okay, let's start it. Let's go. This is a look that really doesn't require too much blow drying, too much curling. All you need texture. So what exactly would you do to press the hair to get it to that texture that you want. A mousse for example, to make sure that this piece of hair will never do this during the night, it will never separate from the rest of the hairstyle. And I would probably blow dry the top just a little bit to add that shine that is so appropriate for the red carpet look. I have fine hair, so we have to add just a little bit of an extension to really fill out the volume and make it a little bit longer. So did you actually use extensions on Charlize as well? Yes, actually I did for the same reason that I'm doing it with you, to have a little more thickness in the hair and a slightly different color. You've actually parted it to the left. Is that the part you used on Charlize? It's the part that I used on Charlize, but that also is the part that works on you. Yes. So I would always choose the part that your hair wants to naturally grow. This is pretty much the basic preparation of this hairstyle. The braid will start just above the ear and that's the place where you separate your first piece of hair into three. And I will literally start braiding it by breaking in to three pieces. This is the part that's gonna be completely exposed. Once the braid is done, all this hair is gonna look like this. So, it has to be smooth and clean. In this case we will head it only from the bottom. So that's why this is a Dutch braid, because it's actually gonna look like it's sitting on top of the hair, not like it's being blended in. Exactly. So at this point as you guys can see, I keep adding pieces, making sure every time that this part is clean. So you're trying to keep the braid as close to the nape of my neck as possible. Yes. Okay. That's what makes it I think more chic and elegant and a little more sophisticated. And after, inserting all the pieces from on beneath, the second part, I'm gonna insert a piece from the top which is right here. At this point, I'm going down. It's almost like the braid coming from the right mix the braid coming from the left to become one and then I'm gonna roll it. I always tend to leave this part out, even if it's longer, so I can insert it at the end. Sometimes it's a good idea to use a little bit of hair spray like in the braid while you braid, to keep the little pieces of hair inside the braid. Well, say I'm braiding my hair and then that one little piece creeps up and it. There is always a solution at the last minute. You can always run your comb, and run it all the way to inside the braid. It will help. This is very important to to make sure that you put a rubber band or an elastic at the end of the braid, otherwise it will come undone. And then I will take the braid and twist it into one. Just a simple as this. And you're twisting it back, and then up, and then in. And then in, yes. And I'm tucking it in and hiding it and then you're going to need the help of a little bobby pin. Now that the bun is done, I am pretty happy with this, the volume is beautiful, I'm just going to insert the last piece of hair. I'm placing it in the bun and I'm gonna make it become one piece with the braid. Somehow I'm gonna try to make that look like it's part of the braid. and here it's done and this is pretty much. I suppose we could do it with Charlize's look for the red carpet for the critics all for one. Now that you have the inside scoop, hopefully you'll be able to recreate this red carpet look at home. Keep watching for more celebrity tips and tricks. I'm Kirbie, and thanks for watching BellaSugar TV.

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walltowallph walltowallph 3 years
Nice! I love this! thank you for sharing this hair tutorial <3 
Ellenora Ellenora 3 years
 @PamGirl I mentioned this on YouTube, but I'll explain it for you. It's one braid. Enzo probably attached 22" extensions in her hair (we know extensions were used as he said that and it's easily visible with the color change/extension bump.) The most important part of this tutorial is how he tucks in the bun. This is the support of the entire piece. The second loop is created by looping the braid through that loop and then the left over braid is very carefully pulled back towards the opposite ear (where the braid was started), the end tucked into the lace braid, and secured with two or three bobby pins.   You cannot physically do this with Kirbie's hair length--it's too short. MY hair is too short at it's longest layer (and it's grazes BSL--bra strap length.) You need about waist length hair for this which is about 22" (Charlize's hair is naturally armpit length for comparison.) You can probably cheat it with two braids--and it's probably easier!
PamGirl PamGirl 3 years
Very cute and good explanation, but if you look at both from the side its obvious that Charlize's has an extra braid. It may just be extentions or something...
futuralon futuralon 3 years
Wow Enzo is quite the stylist and seems really charming. He's so gentle with your head and careful about every hair. I would love for him to work some magic on my locks.
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 3 years
This looks great! Enzo seems so sweet and he definitely knows what he's doing!
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 3 years
Amazing — looks so chic on you, Kirbie. Also, Enzo is fun to watch. I wish I could braid like he does!
Kirbie-Johnson Kirbie-Johnson 3 years
 @Kat Thanks love. Enzo worked his magic!
Kat Kat 3 years
Kirbie, you look so pretty in this!
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