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Charlotte York's Beauty Evolution

May 26 2010 - 8:45am

Of all the women on Sex and the City [1], Charlotte York experienced what was perhaps the biggest personal evolution. She went from a rigid, super-repressed girl committed to "The Rules," to a crushed divorcée, and finally, to a happily married mother. And although her style was always sweet and a little subdued, as her character evolved, it definitely showed a marked progression, too. Over the seasons, Charlotte's hair and makeup both literally and figuratively got more comfortable, and her tightly wound style matured into a beautiful softness. See how Charlotte got relaxed now.

Season One

When the show started, Charlotte's hair and makeup were younger and more girlish than the rest of the ladies. She always looked cute and pulled together for her work at the art gallery.

Photo courtesy HBO [2]

Season Two

As Charlotte's place on the New York art scene advanced, we got to see her more serious, businesslike side — as she tells the girls, she minored in finance at Smith — which apparently means glasses, subdued makeup, and simple, side-parted hair.

Photo courtesy HBO [3]

Season Three

When Charlotte started dating Dr. Trey MacDougal, she went back to her preppy roots in a big way, with Connecticut-girl ponytails, a fresh, outdoorsy makeup palette of pinks and corals, and sun-kissed highlights.

Photo courtesy HBO [4]

Season Three

Charlotte's first wedding [5] was the huge, traditional affair she'd always dreamed of, with an enormous veil that hid all her insecurities about Trey.

Photo courtesy HBO [6]

Season Four

After the breakdown of her marriage with Trey, Charlotte went to a softer, more natural look that made it clear she was through with being a Park Avenue trophy wife.

Photo courtesy HBO [7]

Season Five

This season was one of the few times in the series when Charlotte was single, and we began to see a more relaxed, whimsical side of her that extended to looser hair and more experimentation with makeup.

Season Six

Charlotte didn't wear curls all that often (or bright lipstick, for that matter), but when she did, you could be sure it meant that she was in a relaxed and confident place.

Photo courtesy HBO [8]

Season Six

Unlike the formality of her first wedding [9], when Charlotte and Harry got hitched she looked simple and sweet, with lovely curls and pretty coral lipstick to let you know she was truly blissful.

Photo courtesy HBO [10]

Season Six

Happily married Charlotte finally felt comfortable with herself, and her hairstyles became softer and rounder to match her less rigid emotional state. Take this lovely side-swept chignon, for example.

Photo courtesy HBO [11]

Season Six

As Charlotte prepared to become a mother, her look matured and became less socialite and more selfless. She wore more neutral makeup shades and got warm, soft highlights.

Photo courtesy HBO [12]

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