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Check Out the Elizabeth Arden Vending Machine

This weekend, I was dodging the crazy crowds at a shopping center in San Francisco. As I was on my way out, I ran across this large Elizabeth Arden vending machine. Selling items through vending machines is nothing new in the tech world, and for that matter, it's pretty common in Japan. But this is the first time I've seen beauty products being sold in this manner.

The vending machine was stocked with Intervene Eye, Prevage night cream, fragrances, and gift sets. (No sign of color cosmetics, though.) You could shop through a touch-screen, bypassing the beauty counter completely. Although a few dudes were curious about the giant beauty machine, most women looked at it and walked right by. I think this is probably more of a marketing tactic than a way to actually boost sales, but who knows? Tell me, would you buy your beauty products from a vending machine?



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