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Clarisonic review

The Clarisonic Diaries: A (Greasy) Update!

Now that I've been using my Clarisonic ($195) for a few weeks, I think it may be time for an intervention. As dorky as this sounds, I now look forward to washing my face; the brush just leaves my skin so soft and smooth that it's hard not to get hooked.

Unfortunately, I learned a lesson the hard way. At first, I used the Clarisonic night and day, happily buzzing away dead skin. All went well at first, but within a week, my face was much shinier than usual by mid-afternoon. (And we're not talking the soft, dewy glow of youth, either.) Fortunately, after reducing my Clarisonic use to before-bedtime cleansing, my face responded well, and Exxon-Mobil is no longer harassing me to secure oil rights to my face.

A few more benefits are starting to sprout, too: My pores appear smaller because they're not so clogged, and on good days, my foundation-free skin looks healthy and fresh-faced. Plus, I went to visit my mom, and it's not just me who's crazy about Clarisonic; after using it just once, Mama Bella is dropping some heavy hints as to what she'd like for her birthday. But the question remains: Is Clarisonic worth the nearly $200 it costs? The answer to that — or my opinion, anyway — will be revealed next week.

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