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How to Make Clay Part of Your Routine Like Shailene Woodley

Aug 28 2014 - 11:30am

Shailene Woodley is a well-known organic fiend, and she eats clay [1]. This may be the craziest beauty trend we've heard since oil pulling became popular [2]. And it kind of makes sense. . . . We already know clay can detox impurities from the body, and it's a common ingredient in the skin care department already. So swallowing a spoonful can only mean good things for your digestive system, right? Well, we're going to start with baby steps like a clay face mask or a mud hair wash, and maybe we'll even graduate to clay toothpaste. Shop our favorite clay-based beauty finds below to get in on the trend. (Warning: most of these items are not edible).

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Fresh Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar

There's only one ingredient in this Fresh Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar [4] ($39): umbrian clay. This specific type of mud is only found in Italy and is coveted for its high mineral content. You can lather up your face and body with this bar to detox skin and balance your pH. It's great for body acne!

Alder Natural Hair Powder

This dry shampoo lists kaolin clay as an active ingredient. This white clay is one of the milder varieties and acts as an organic cleanser. In Alder Natural Hair Powder [5] ($32), the clay helps exfoliate the scalp, clear buildup, and refresh second-day hair.

Terresentials Pure Earth Hair Wash

Washing your hair with mud may seem counterintuitive, but Terresentials Pure Earth Hair Wash [6] ($11) is actually made with African clay. This mud wash absorbs the oil from the scalp, leaving your hair softer and cleaner than when you started. Warning: there won't be any suds in this shower experience.

Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder

You'll find white clay among the ingredients of the Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder [7] ($58). Just like when you use a clay mask, this dry cleanser will clear skin of any surface oils. It's also one of the best ways to exfoliate sensitive skin. Just mix with water!

Earthpaste Toothpaste

For the brave, there's Earthpaste Toothpaste [8] ($8). It's made with edible Redmond bentonite clay (yes, you can actually swallow this toothpaste). The clay detoxifies your mouth, while the salt scrubs your teeth clean.

Bliss Multi-Face-eted Clay Mask

It's the carbon in the Bliss Multi-Face-eted Clay Mask [9] ($50) that gives it that gray charcoal color. This face mask also has glycolic acid to exfoliate, while acne-causing bacteria is whisked away by the clay.

Red Flower Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay

Remember when you used to play in the mud as a kid? This Red Flower Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay [10] ($24) is sort of like that, but way better! Grab the nearest paintbrush and cover your entire body with this skin-brightening mud. Rhassoul clay comes from Morocco, where it's been used as a head-to-toe cleanser for thousands of years.

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