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This Is How Our Editors Do a Music Festival

Apr 21 2014 - 7:00am

We sent a team of editors out to California to see, do, and experience everything that goes on around a music festival (think great style [1] and relaxed-cool beauty looks [2]). And now, by the magic of Instagram, you can go right along with them! So far it's been a fun run, including some fabulous nail art, leopard print, and a POPSUGAR-pink cupcake.

It's hard work, we know, but someone's got to do it. Scroll down to see all the fun stuff!

Source: Instagram [3]

Farewell Coachella

As the sun set on the Coachella Valley skyline, we said goodbye to Coachella 2014 weekend one.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [4]

Lorde Gets Loud

Two of the best parts of the Grammy winner's performance: her signature natural curls and vampy MAC Cosmetics lipstick.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [5]

Nighttime Views

The Coachella Valley skyline was gorgeous during the day, but looked purely magical once the sun set.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [6]

Festival Style, Perfected

Floppy hat, printed skirt, and itsy-bitsy crop top? This might be one of the most spot-on festival looks we saw all weekend!

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [7]

Wang For the Win

For a fashion editor, the most exciting part of a music festival might be the big fashion news that happens after-hours! H&M's big reveal that Alexander Wang would be its next collaboration [8] had us cheering.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [9]

Awesome Inspiration

For what might've been the coolest manicure we saw all throughout the festival, one partyer was inspired by the walls of Diane von Furstenberg's Los Angeles store.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [10]

Shoe Selects

We left all the stilettos in Manhattan when we packed our bags! Instead, POPSUGAR Beauty Editor Lauren Levinson picked leather Supergas and POPSUGAR Associate Fashion Editor Leah Melby rocked Trina Turk slides.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [11]

Party at the Pool

Everyone knows the quickest way to beat the heat is a trip poolside. We made sure to block out some afternoon time for a stop by one of the weekend's many fashion parties.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [12]

Watch Out For Gators

Who knew California had such big alligators?!

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [13]

Chain Me Up

In real life, jewelry might not fly for the pool, but at a party with festival folk? It totally works! This belly chain was subtle, but so cool.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [14]

Meet a (New) Mansur

We've been eyeing Mansur Gavriel bags for a while now [15], making us extra excited when we zeroed in on a new backpack shape from the brand.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [16]

Subtle Style

After a whole lot of wild festival looks, it was refreshing to spot a sophisticated combo that we want to wear in real life, too.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [17]

Good Food, Good Fashion

Even with a jam-packed schedule, taking some time to sit down and enjoy a meal was paramount (and so yummy).

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [18]

Pretty in Pink

By now, you know we love our pink. These striped Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, done in varying hues, were too sweet to ignore.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [19]

Outfit Planning

Even though we were in town to work, we still needed to look good! Some extra space on the hotel floor worked well as a staging area for the weekend's outfits.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [20]

Time For Fun

Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean the fun's over! After a long day at the festival, we played at a grown-up carnival (and totally rode the Ferris wheel).

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [21]

Hair Control

Another day, another great braid for POPSUGAR Beauty Editor Lauren Levinson.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [22]

Pretty Playful

With contrasting colors in her braids and a seriously regal-looking headpiece, this festival fan was clearly having fun with her look.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [23]

Serious Rock-Star Hair

We love Ellie Goulding in general, but we couldn't stop gushing over how perfect that hair was!

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [24]

Themed Nails Hit the Spot

Beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson came to town ready for action. Have you ever seen a more Palm Springs-appropriate mani??

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [25]

A Pretty Perfect Vest

Festival fashion often veers toward the boho end of things, but we liked this military-inspired look we spotted.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [26]

Sugar Rush

And because we love our treats wherever we go, a sweet POPSUGAR cupcake provided an afternoon pick-me-up.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [27]

A Simple (but Serious) Polish Choice

It was all about strategic prep for beauty editor Lauren Levinson, who picked a gel mani in bold, bright white to last through everything (and how good does it look against a colorful beach ball?).

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [28]

On the Schedule: Relaxation

Before the weekend got too busy, we carved out some time for zen with yoga under the sun.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [29]

We Spotted Spots!

We cheered to find official proof that leopard print works at music festivals, too!

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [30]

All the Essentials

Who packs like a pro? Beauty editor Lauren Levinson.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [31]

A Bright Ride

Cheerful stripes on a green van caught our eyes immediately.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [32]

Awesome Accessories

We're not gonna lie — sunshine looks even better in a pair of POPSUGAR shades.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [33]

Braids For Days

Beauty editor Lauren Levinson did festival fashion all over, including her 'do, with a braided half-up style.

Source: Instagram user laurenlevinson [34]

Skip the Heels

The shoe of choice for associate fashion editor Leah Melby? Studded leather slides.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [35]

The Ultimate Party Dress

Music festival aside, a quick tour of downtown Palm Springs turned up a beyond-sparkly vintage dress that we couldn't help but stare at.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [36]

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