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Copper Pillowcases

Beauty Byte: Does This Copper Pillowcase Reduce Wrinkles?

Maybe you've heard of the "beauty bedding" hype before: Aromatherapy mattress to soothe the senses, contoured anti-wrinkle pillows that decrease compression, aloe vera blankets that moisturize, and even seaweed-lined mattresses that supposedly refresh the skin. The latest craze? Copper-infused pillowcases that claim to reduce wrinkles, bacteria, and dust mites.

It all sounds too good to be true. Well, is it? That's just what many dermatologists are asking, according to The New York Times. In order to determine the effectiveness of such ingredients, expensive studies must be performed — and that's often a step that is skipped, replaced by costly advertising instead. Also, many of these products use nanotechnology, which breaks down ingredients to microscopic levels, a practice that is currently under fire from a safety perspective.

New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas has been using the SkinGlow Cupron Copper Technology Pillow Protector ($20 to $25) for several months. "I think it’s fabulous for acne control," she told the newspaper. On the flip side, Dr. Leslie Baumann, of the University of Miami Cosmetic Medicine and Research Institute, is skeptical of the antiaging claims. "We know copper peptide does this [has antiaging effects], but not regular copper," she said. "And even with copper peptide applied topically in high amounts, it’s not very easy to get it to penetrate." What do you think? Are you intrigued by all this talk, or do you prefer to stick with your regular cotton bedding?

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