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Product Review: Crystalift

Mar 17 2008 - 7:00am

Ah, I remember the first microdermabrasion [1] treatment I ever had. Truthfully, I was scared that the blast of crystals would hurt, so I braced myself. Fortunately, though, I didn't feel any pain, and the result — glowy, dewy-looking skin — made me understand the hype. Unfortunately, though, I don't have an extra $100 in my monthly budget for microdermabrasion.

Enter Crystalift [2]. It's a compact version of professional microdermabrasion machines, and it's meant for at-home treatments. It's very simple to use: You just plug it in, drop in a packet of microfine crystals, and turn it on. When you move the wand across your face, Crystalift blasts the crystals on your skin, leaving a slight residue so you can track which parts of your face you've already covered. The treatment takes less than 10 minutes.

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When Crystalift sent me a unit ($249, on sale for $199) to review, I wasn't expecting professional-level results. But then I gave it a try, and I'm pleased to report that this little machine does an amazing job. It whisked away dull skin, leaving a smooth, glowy, healthy look to my complexion. And my skin was so, so soft afterward.

Of course, I geek out about this sort of thing, so I lured Mr. Bella into being a guinea pig. "I'm not so sure about being microdermabraised," he said, and then he kept putting off our "spa day" for weeks. Finally I got him to acquiesce. "This tickles," he said as I moved the wand over his face. And then, I escorted him to the mirror, where he preened and admired his skin. A convert! (Now he asks me when I can "sandblast" him next.)

So no, it's not just my inner esthetician being giddy. And although this is certainly not an inexpensive product, I think it's well worth the price if you get microdermabrasion regularly. (It pays for itself in about two uses.) If you've never had microdermabrasion before, I'd recommend having an in-office treatment to see what it's like first. But if, like me, you get hooked, then Crystalift is a smart way to go.

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