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Curly Hair Gene Discovered 2009-12-07 10:59:08

Scientists Have Found the Curly Hair Gene

An Australian team of scientists has found that a gene known as trichohyalin is responsible for determining whether your hair is straight or curly. Now it's possible to tell what kind of hair suspects who leave DNA at a crime scene have, determine a baby's hair type while she's still in the womb, and perhaps even develop medications that change hair texture without perms or straighteners.

While the first application would seem to be the most important, a lot of emphasis is being placed on the last one — more specifically on making curly hair straight without using relaxers or irons. Am I the only one who feels a little weird that one of the first applications people have leaped on is a completely unnecessary pill that suppresses your genes? Straightening your hair for different looks can be fun, but straight-haired girls like to go curly, too, and there was no mention of a "make me curly" pill. What do you think? Would a pill like this be a godsend for chronic straighteners, or is it an example of societal bias against curly hair?

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