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Curly Hair vs. Straight Hair: It's On!

Curly Hair vs. Straight Hair: It's On!

Two writers are duking it out over curly hair and styling irons. Both have curly hair, but only one is happy about it. Emma Cowing, who loves her flat irons, curses her wavy locks: "Left to its own devices, my hair would descend into unruly curls then run off and join a 1980s tribute band." On the other side of the argument is Fiona MacGregor, who urges curly girls to "embrace your natural kinks and say no to the tyranny of tamed tresses."

If you think those are fightin' words, you haven't seen anything yet. To see where it gets a little catty,

Cowing argues that styling irons are a "natural progression of women's rights," and that straight hair is superior to curly hair:

A woman with straightened hair looks in control. She looks as if she cares about her appearance—and that she's spent time perfecting it. . . . This small, unassuming instrument can turn ugly ducklings into swans, create beauty and inner pride, and restore self-confidence in even the most timid of women, all in a ceramic-plated flash.

And MacGregor retaliates:

For centuries curls were something to be proud of. Did Botticelli's Venus entice the world with ironed hair? No, she used those wavy locks blowing all over the place to seduce. Yet now straight hair is, according to celebrity magazines at least, an expression of feminine perfection to which we should all aspire. What kind of evil mastermind of female manipulation would decree that not only must women be thin and beautiful, but they also have to be straight-haired too?

Both writers seem intentionally provocative, but if you had to back one argument, which would it be?


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