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DIY Spa Treatment: Facial Moisturizer

Are you suffering from dry, flaky, and cracking skin but are sick of paying for expensive moisturizers that you're not even sure you're going to like? This (surprisingly) easy and affordable DIY recipe for a hydrating face cream may be just the thing you've been waiting to cook up!

To make two 50 g jars, you'll need:

  • 25 ml Apricot Kernel Oil
  • 25 ml Jojoba Oil
  • 15 g Beeswax
  • 70 ml Bottled Water
  • 2 tbsp Rosewater
  • 1 tsp Lemon Juice
  • And for step-by-step directions,


    • Step 1: Take out a double boiler and place two cups of warm water in the bottom. Then add the jojoba oil, the apricot kernel oil, and the beeswax. Heat everything until the wax dissolves.
    • Step 2: While the mixture is still hot, pour it into a Pyrex bowl and leave it to cool.
    • Step 3: Next, add the bottled water, rosewater, and lemon juice into the boiler pan and heat it until it's warm. Turn off the heat, but leave the pot on the burner and add the oil and wax mixture to the pot.
    • Step 4: Stir frequently until everything becomes opaque and thick, adding more heat only if it begins to separate. Once it has thickened, it is recommended to store in a sealed container for no more than six weeks.

    Note: If you'd like, you can add one tsp. of apple cider vinegar to the recipe if you have blemished skin, two tsp. evening primrose oil if you have dry skin, two drops of tea tree oil if you have combination skin or one tsp. of witch hazel water if you have oily skin.

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    rags04 rags04 7 years
    please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Water keeps separating out. thx
    sunshyne1818 sunshyne1818 8 years
    Hey don't be so critical! Everyone has dif skin types. I use olive oil on my face w/out breaking out. My fam is from Italy and has done this for years is full of Omega 3 which is GREAT fo the body both internally and topically. I put a few drops in my body wash, face wash, and lotion . I have heard that Avocado mashed in a bowl makes a great moisturizing face mask, also Honey (organic only) works well. Also 1/2 bottle of beer mixed w/ 2 TBS Honey makes hair VERY shiny! (works on extensions too if human hair) but I digress...banana and rosewater with a few drops of almond or jojoba oil in the blender is an old one I used to use (jojoba oil is VERY close to natural skin and hair oil) coconut oil is supposed to be good too though I have never tried it. -Current Fashion Boutique owner and Former Plastic Surgery ASsistant
    emma- emma- 8 years
    terryt18 terryt18 8 years
    Wow. Olive oil on your face, eh? I think my face would get mad if I put olive oil on it. That's cool that it works for you. I think this recipe sounds marvelous. Perhaps I'll try it. I'll probably add it to my list of DIY beauty treatments, but never do it. I did do that aspirin/honey mask and it was marvelous. I super love these DIY Beauty Moments with Bella.
    EastVillageAmy EastVillageAmy 8 years
    I've been using regular extra virgin olive oil and it's great. My skin especially when dry and flakey gets easily irritated even with cetaphil, but the olive oil works like a dream and doesn't clog my pores.
    aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
    Wow, nice!
    leanneluvsu leanneluvsu 8 years
    At first I didn't realize what one might need the lemon for, but lemon is used as a preservative and astringent. Vitamin E is a good emulsifier for this, too.
    cottonpoots cottonpoots 8 years
    Thanks, but I'm sticking with my Dove Natural Glow Moisturizer. It works wonders for my skin, and it smells nice too, unlike my Clean&Clear one :) This sounds like a great home treatment though.
    koolkat1021 koolkat1021 8 years
    I actually have been using oils and super heavy moisturizers on my acne prone dry skin and things are actually starting to come around. I'm totally down to try the beeswax and oil in this recipe!
    sophia_HL sophia_HL 8 years
    beeswax.... evening primrose oil?? Get ready to break out.
    x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 8 years
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