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Demi Lovato Ditched Brunette Hair For a Teal-Blue Hue

Oct 6 2014 - 7:15am

Demi Lovato may have tried to be a bit more normcore by wearing her hair in a classic brunette color, but we knew that would never last! Already the songstress is back to multicolored teal tresses. She also added a linear design to her shaved undercut hairstyle. We're almost 100 percent sure Demi's not done dyeing; looking through her hair history is almost like recounting all the colors of the rainbow.

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October 2014

This jet-black hue may been like the simplest hair color Demi has ever tried, but she added punk flair with a few shaved parts in her undercut and teal tips. Get the same hue using a blend of Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids in blue and green [2].

August 2014

Demi cropped her coif even more (and took all of the purple with it)! At an appearance on Good Morning America, her shorter style revealed only a trace of its former self — blond edges.

July 2014

Another day, another hair change for Demi. The star flashed a smile and her new lob-length haircut to her Instagram [3] followers. Looks like the silver portion of her ombré strands was left on the cutting room floor.

Source: Instagram user ddlovato [4]

June 2014

Demi's newest color is a lavender and silver ombré. Maybe she's taking cues from Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie [5], who have both rocked purple hair hues this Summer.

May 2014

Demi dyed her long locks half blond back in May with one side shaved into an undercut.

January 2014

Demi went for a bold look earlier this year and dyed all her hair pink during her Neon Lights tour.

December 2013

Demi sported a deep shade of blue in December 2013 with pieces of sky blue mixed in.

December 2013

This particular blue-green ombré look reminds us of the sea.

November 2013

We're guessing blue is one of Demi's favorite hair colors, because she has worn it so many different times and in so many different shades.

September 2013

Demi, a natural brunette, went for the full-blown blond look last Fall.

April 2013

Before that she dyed her hair a deep shade of brown and sported a shoulder-length bob.

September 2012

Demi truly has tried it all, including blunt bangs and a honey-blond hair color.

January 2012

Demi paired her red dress with red locks back in 2012, but her hair color habit was just beginning . . .

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