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50 Magical Disney Tattoos That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Dec 5 2016 - 12:40pm

We're a huge fan of the House of Mouse around here — we've bought something from nearly every Disney beauty collaboration [1], and Disney GIFs totally explain our lives [2]. Once we saw our fashion colleague's heartwarming Frozen tattoo [3], we immediately scoured the Internet to see what other Disney-themed tattoos were out there. Read on for whimsical ink inspiration featuring your favorite childhood characters.

Source: Instagram user jasmiin158 [4]

Nothing but Love

Proof of a Princess

Invisible Infinity

We're All Mad

Frolicking Finger

Blossoming Minnie

Dainty Digits

Chip Sets Sail


Cinderella's Snow Globe

We Are Siamese

Let It Go

Cute Cheshire

Andy's Toy For Life

Infinite Love For Disney

The Perfect Spot For a Thumper Tattoo

Bread and Butterflies

Remember Who You Are

Going Up

The Fairest One of All

Wall-E's Plant

Wrought Iron Ears

Goofy Soup

The Enchanted Rose

Baby Ariel

Source: Instagram user alexstrangler [5]

Tale as Old as Time

Transforming Cinderella's Carriage

The Claw!

We're All Mad Here

Source: Instagram user tattoosbyjj [6]

A Spoonful of Sugar

Source: Instagram user shoeboxtattoo [7]

Black-Light Hidden Mickey

Permanent Minnie Hair Bow

Matching Mouse Ears

My Heart Beats For Disney

Full of Heart

Twinkling Teacup

The Key to Your Heart

Stained Glass Gorgeousness

Cuddly Cuties

Love Disney For Infinity

Peter Pan Syndrome

Artistic Ariel

Cutest Couple

Pirate Ship Pixie

Beautiful Bloom

Darling Dumbo

Bubbly Chip

You Can Fly!

Diminutive Dinglehopper

Cartoon Kisses

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