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Do Beauty Home Remedies Really Work?

Do Oddball Hair Treatments Really Work? Yes and No

I've long been a fan of DIY treatments, particularly when they involve cheap and readily available ingredients straight from the kitchen. We've already seen one brave Bella take on going au naturel, but what does a hair and scalp expert have to say about the effectiveness of several at-home remedies? That's just what trichologist, aka scientist who studies the hair and the scalp, Philip Kingsley has explored for the Daily Mail. Beer, bananas, and mayo? It's all there. Check out what he had to say about these old wives' tale-style treatments when you read more.

This one's a no. Unfortunately, bananas won't penetrate into the hair, so "you'd be far better off eating it," Kingsley declared.

Once the booze part of the beer evaporates, you are left with extra body. However there's no getting around it: you'll smell like beer. Is that a tradeoff you're willing to make?

Witch Hazel:
"It's a really good way of lessening oil flow to the scalp," said Kingsley, adding, "You have to leave it on for a while to have an effect, but this is a pretty good one and, unlike most of the others, it does work."

Tomato Ketchup:
Say what? If you're a blonde whose hair turns green after swimming, Kingsley has an explanation. It's actually the result of the algae-killing ingredient, copper sulphate, and here's what he had to say about this unusual at-home remedy of ketchup: "As red and green are opposites on the color spectrum, it seems that ketchup can neutralize the copper sulphate's color after an hour or so. A warning, though — it doesn't always work."

Olive Oil:
Unless you create an emulsion of olive oil and water, which easily penetrates into the hair, olive oil alone isn't the greatest idea. "Olive Oil straight from the bottle will just sit on the hair and make it look like you've been caught in a rain storm," he quipped.

Since it's got water, oil, water, and waxes, mayo is actually a decent conditioner. Score for this one!

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