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Do You Even Notice Other People's Earlobes?

Do You Even Notice Other People's Earlobes?

Earlobe rejuvenation, a quick, less-than-an-hour, outpatient procedure to lift sagging ears is fast becoming a growing trend, particularly for American women in their 50s and 60s. "We make the earlobes look plumper, more rounded and smaller, giving a more youthful image," plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman told the Daily Mail.

Just like the neck and hands are known to show your age, the ears are often an area where people forget to apply sunscreen, thus speeding up the aging process. That, coupled with heavy earring wearing, has some women willing to spend £1,100 (about $1,750 USD) on the 40-minute procedure. But is that money well spent? Unless someone's ears are stretched out by earplugs or they're wearing lots of earrings, I hardly ever notice other people's earlobes at all. (And if I do, I don't think, "Wow, what a hag. She should really do something about that.") What about you?

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