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Doing Drugstore: Dr. Scholl's For Her Ultra Overnight Foot Cream

Feb 6 2009 - 10:01am
Dr. Scholl's at ShopStyle [2]

For some products promising extra moisture, that translates to a generous coating of greasy gunk. You'll have to excuse my skepticism in testing this, but I was imagining sticky feet picking up invisible "grit" from my hardwood floors. Do. Not. Want.

Thankfully, while this lotion does soothe my rough skin, it goes on smoothly and doesn't feel tacky to the touch once dry. With active ingredients of aloe and palm oils, it felt pretty ordinary all alone, but as part of a new nightly regimen, it gets great results. Simply start with a pumice foot scrub [3] before tucking toes into cotton/lycra socks [4] to seal emollients into the feet while you sleep. It'll keep them warm, too. Would you consider trying this, or does the idea of wearing socks to bed make you sweat?

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