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Doing Drugstore: Jordana Eyeliner in 28 White

I don't know when it happened, but sometime within the last few years, Revlon discontinued its Nail Whitening Pencil. It was a great, simple product: You simply dampened your fingertips and "drew" on the undersides of your nails. The result was a quickie version of a French manicure. I used the pencil to make my nails look brighter when I didn't have time to give them a coat of polish. And then Revlon got rid of it!

While strolling the aisles of Walgreens yesterday, I went on a hunt for a replacement product. While I didn't find any nail pencils, I did find a white pencil eyeliner from Jordana. Maybe it would work, I thought. Heck, at just 79 cents, what did I have to lose?

Even though I'm not using this as a real eyeliner, I have to say, the soft texture isn't bad at all. I hate it when pencil eyeliners are pokey and too hard, so I'll probably try Jordana again when I want to try an unusual color. But back to the nails. The pencil is softer than the Revlon nail pencil, so I didn't bother wetting my fingertips. Instead, I cleaned under my nails and went to town. For the before-and-after pictures,

Oof. There's nothing to make you feel like you need a manicure like seeing a picture of your cuticles up close. (Hey, cut me a break—I did this myself with my non-dominant hand!) Anyway, at left you can see my index finger before I used the eyeliner pencil, and at right you can see it post-pencil. It's not as fancy as an actual French manicure, but for 79 cents, I'm not complaining.

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