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Doing Drugstore: Revlon Expert Effect Pedicure Tools

Don't laugh, but I like to have pedicure night every weekend. I'll whip up a great dinner, pop in an old movie and give myself a pedicure on the couch. It's a nice way to pamper myself on the cheap, and this way my feet always look presentable. As part of this treat, I like to use good tools, which is why I love Revlon's Expert Effect pedicure collection.

The Expert Effect items do a bang-up job at a great price, and they have modernist, organic design—so it feels like I'm buffing my feet in some mod, space-age spa. The Pumice Stone ($5.99) is easy to grip; I like being able to squeeze something soft rather than grasp rough pumice. And the Hands-Free Foot Smoother ($8.99) is a cute idea: It grips the floor, so you can remove rough skin without bending over. Don't get me wrong, I still daydream about fancy diamond files, but for the price, you can't go wrong with these. Anyone else agree with me?

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