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13 Lazy-Girl Halloween Costumes That Only Require Face Paint

Oct 31 2016 - 9:00am

OK, so there's just about a week left to shop for a Halloween [1] costume. Calm down, because we've collected 13 cute, easy costumes that will make you the life of the party no matter how dressed up everyone else is. And don't fret — for many of these looks, all you need is a black eyeliner pencil and a little attitude.

Hear Me Roar

Feed your feline frenzy with this easy-to-do tiger face paint.

Source: Flickr user Garry Knight [3]

Alluring Antelope

You'll look like you stepped right out of The Lion King with this fun face paint.

Source: Flickr user micadew [4]

Creepy Clown

Part cute and part creepy, this classic Halloween [5] costume is probably one of the easiest ones in the world to pull off.

Source: Flickr user Alyssa L. Miller [6]

Ziggy Stardust

Channel your inner David Bowie and use up all your blush with this easy Ziggy Stardust interpretation. Stencil a circle using the bottom of any round canister to get it just right.

Source: Flickr user Zawezome [7]

Old Blue

Anyone can drench themselves in green paint to become Frankenstein, but going blue is a little more unexpected for Halloween [8]. But you'll have to decide: Smurf or Blue Man Group?

Source: Flickr user martinak15 [9]

Apocalypse Now

This zombie-girl costume is easy to re-create using too-light face powder. Just smudge your eyeliner to accentuate undead dark circles, and smear your lipstick to get the flesh-eating look.

Source: Flickr user neil conway [10]

Wood Nymph

Become a forest-dwelling creature with the help of beach spray, a few precariously placed Fall leaves, and glitter.

Source: Flickr user Sasha D Butler [11]

Dino-Mite Idea

For this one, you can either trace a dinosaur (or alligator, snake, etc.), or have someone with a little drawing skill do the placement. Whatever the case, it's a roaring good time.

Source: Flickr user Miss a Liss [12]

Picas-Say It Ain't So

Monochrome face paint and a few interesting lines will make you look just like something out of Picasso's oeuvre.

Source: Flickr user katiebench [13]

Museum of Modern Makeup

Add some Jackson Pollock splatter, and suddenly you're a living representation of midcentury artistic styles.

Source: Flickr user GabrielaP93 [14]

You Van Gough, Girl

It'll be a starry night indeed if you sweep on some pastel shades and swirl up your face.

Source: Flickr user proudcanadianeh [15]

Be Two-Faced

You can be half-human, half-dead, half-mutated, etc. Easy, and any color combination will work.

Source: Flickr user CitySkylineSouvenir [16]

Masked Avenger

Using whatever color face paint or eye shadow you have lying around to make a "mask" may seem like the laziest costume possible, but with a few skillful strokes, it can become a piece of art.

Source: Flickr user nothing_beneath [17]

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