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Extreme Primping: The Woman Who Took 72 Hours to Prepare for a Date

How long does it take you to get ready for a date? For Lián Amaris Sifuentes, primping took 72 hours. Now, before you think she must be the highest-maintenance woman in the world, I'll let you in on what she's doing. The New York artist just finished a piece called “Fashionably Late for the Relationship,” in which she slowly did all the normal things you'd do before a date (brushing her hair, applying makeup, spraying fragrance, and so on) on camera. The video will be sped up so that her movements seem done in real-time as the world zips by around her (kind of like a less manic, more arty version of Madonna's "Ray of Light" video, I suppose).

Seventy-two hours seems extreme, and it's clearly being done for the sake of art. Then again, don't some of us get bikini waxes a week before going to the beach, or a facial a few days before a big event? What's the longest you've taken to get ready for a date?

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