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FitSugar's Workout-Friendly Beauty Secret

May 12 2008 - 10:00am

Estheticians often try to cajole me into getting my eyelashes tinted, but I'm often a lazy wuss. Funnily enough, this is also how I am when it comes to working out — so when FitSugar [1] let me in on her beauty secret, I suddenly realized that eyelash tinting makes sense for a lot of busy women. Here's what Fit says:

As a fitness fanatic, the thing that regularly makes my mascara run faster than my legs is the simple act of sweating that accompanies cardio and swimming. While I admire Alice Cooper, I don’t really want to project that smeary look while working out, but I do like my eyes to be fringed with long, dark lashes. For me, the simplest solution is not waterproof mascara, but a monthly eyelash tint where I have blackest-black dye gently painted onto my lashes. It is not the most comfortable process; it stings a bit, and sitting still for 12 to 15 minutes can be a challenge for me. But I love stepping out of the pool or ocean knowing I have long lashes framing my eyes, even though they might be lost behind foggy goggles.

Fit is the mom of two adorable little girls, she works outside of the house, and she really is the most in-shape person I know. If anyone is busy, it's her — which is why I now get it. A little time in the beauty salon saves her a ton of hassle. Stay tuned for more Sugar Girl beauty know-how...

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