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See 10 Silly Beauty Signs

Apr 15 2010 - 4:00am

I had so much fun perusing Flickr for unintentionally wacky beauty salon signs [1] last time, I decided to look for more. Whether it's a waxing establishment with an oddly-worded offer or a grocery store aisle marker with a humorous assortment of goods, these beauty-related signs got a little lost in translation.

Source: Flickr User House Of Sims [2]

US Marines Beauty Nails

The few, the proud . . . the manicurists?

Source: Flickr User AndWat [3]

Seasonal Toilet Rolls

When plain old quilted just isn't fancy enough.

Source: Flickr User Cantabrigensis [4]

Waxing Brazilian

I bet this particular Brazilian is an excellent waxer.

Source: Flickr User gary j wood [5]

We Kindly Request . . .

You shower in a place where a drainage system actually exists.

Source: Flickr User JOE MARINARO [6]

Brow Waxin'

Love the creativity, but I have to question their ability to create symmetry on the face. (Also, is that a chalice?)

Source: Flickr User debaird™ [7]

Porn Beauty Salon

Enough said.

Source: Flickr User ClevelandSGS [8]

Unisex Bridal Saloon

Where male brides go for a pint.

Source: Flickr User God is all over [9]

Back Foot Waxing Rub

Now how does this all work, again?

Source: Flickr User " rel="nofollow"> TheTruthAbout . . . [10]

Permanent Makeup

You mean we could look like a cyclops forever?

Source: Flickr User meaduva [11]

Flea Market Hair Style

Here's your chance to get the perfect flea market style.

Source: Flickr User " rel="nofollow">House Of Sims [12]

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