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Get Gorgeous Skin Care Tea Review

Tea Time: Can You Drink Your Way to Clear Skin?

I'm a firm believer in eating well to keep your skin healthy, but The Republic of Tea hopes you'll drink your way to a clearer complexion. Its Get Gorgeous tea ($10) has been out for a while now, promising to clarify skin with its blend of organic red tea and herbs.

It's a rooibos tea from Africa, and I'm a fan of this stuff in general. It's smooth and has a vaguely nutty flavor. The blend also has chamomile (said to soothe skin) and the chaste berry, which is meant to balance hormones so you break out less often during that time of the month. It all sounds great, but unfortunately, it isn't the sippable skin savior you might hope for. After drinking this tea for a few weeks, I didn't see any discernible difference in my skin. It can't hurt to have a cup, but keep your expectations in check.

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