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Getting Creative with Makeup? There's an App For That

Getting Creative with Makeup? There's an App For That

How did I manage to get lipstick on my teeth, green- and purple-shadowed eyes, and super-bronzed cheeks? Why the NARS 15X15 Project iPhone App, that's how. If you recall, to celebrate 15 years in the business, NARS released a special commemorative book on Nov. 15, featuring — you guessed it — 15 celebrities all wearing NARS makeup. The coffee-table publication, titled 15x15 ($80, all proceeds go to charity), has now inspired this lovely little app. All you have to do is load it onto your iPhone, take a picture or import one from your library, and then it's time to play.

OK, so there are some flaws with this app. For instance, the makeup choices are limited and the placement is hard to control with your fingers. Also, I'd long for a little more tie-in with the images from the book, as I have to confess I was a tad disappointed I couldn't copy Marc Jacobs's whimsical snapshot without some kind of reference point. But, all-in-all, for a free app, I had fun experimenting with colors and creativity, and it's also a great way to kill time while you're standing in line or riding the bus. You can even post your work on the book's Facebook page to show the world your makeup artistry talents. I think François would be proud.


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