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The Affordable, Green Beauty Line You Need to Know

May 13 2014 - 3:30pm

Being an eco-conscious beauty consumer with a nose for scents isn't as hard as it once was, thankfully. And one new company from Green Bay, WI, is making it even simpler.

Meet the Gnarly Whale, a brand of beauty and bath products created by husband and wife duo Ashley and Nathan Griffith. The range combines simple ingredients with luxe touches. For instance, I am loving the detergent-free, 100 percent vegan coconut milk soap. It's comprised of a coconut milk base, and the side of the bar features thick, exfoliating pieces of oatmeal. Another winner is the lemon body scrub, which is centered around a recipe of sugar and olive oil. But what elevates this scrub from something you could make in your own kitchen is the scent; it smells rejuvenating and as though the lemon was freshly squeezed just for your shower.

Another pro? The Griffiths' products are all available at down-to-earth prices. Gnarly, indeed.

Cucumber Melon Body Spray [1] ($16)

Coconut Lime Verbena Detangler [2] ($11)

Oatmeal Milk and Honey Coconut Milk Soap Bar [3] ($6)

Eucalyptus Spearmint Shampoo [4] ($17)

Thai Coconut Beach Waves [5] ($12)

Piña Colada Lip Balm [6] ($4)

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